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Incorporating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Values into NBSAPs

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This guidance document has been prepared to support NBSAP practitioners in producing updated NBSAPs which are compliant with Aichi Biodiversity Targets 1 and 2 through the incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem
service values. It consists of three parts:

1) guidance to support NBSAP practitioners
Specific content, which can be found in this guidance, includes:
◆ An upfront document map detailing the key steps for NBSAP updating, the different approaches that can support the process, and how this relates to the rest of the document, providing a quick guide for readers to help
navigate the different sections ◆ NBSAP revision steps and points of entry for incorporating values
◆ The different approaches to identifying, integrating and accounting for values, and where these fit into the NBSAP revision process
◆ Common lessons of good practice extracted from six case studies
◆ Sources for further information

2) A Road map for incorporating biodiversity and ecosystem service values into NBSAPs
This is an easily accessible tool to support Parties in incorporating biodiversity and ecosystem services into NBSAPs. This document provides succinct information on how values can be incorporated, the entry points at different stages of NBSAP updating process, and the different approaches to support incorporation of values.

3) Six full and comprehensive country case studies used in the production of the guidance document and roadmap.

4) Four presentations from two capacity building webinars held in 2013.

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