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Incorporating And Utilising Spatial Data And Mapping For NBSAPs: Guidance to support NBSAP Practitioners

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This guidance document has been prepared to support National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan (NBSAP) practitioners in producing updated NBSAPs that incorporate spatial planning considerations through the use of spatial data and mapping. The guidance presents a range of options for incorporating spatial data and mapping into revised NBSAPs, such that all countries, regardless of their access to data or technical capacity, can include mapped outputs within their new NBSAPs. Specific content presented within this guidance includes:
◆ NBSAP revision steps and points of entry for incorporating spatial data and mapping
◆ Different approaches of varying complexity for incorporating spatial data and mapping
◆ National examples of good practice
◆ Sources for further information

There is also an annex containing resource information sheets to support the main guidance document here:

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