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Guidelines for Applying the IUCN Protected Area Management Categories to Marine Protected Areas

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The development of the supplementary guidelines started in 2010 when members of WCPA Marine undertook an online survey to highlight issues where more guidance was needed. Subsequently, a small working group (Jon Day, Sue Stolton, Nigel Dudley, Aya Mizumura and Marc Hockings) met in Townsville, Australia, to develop a preliminary draft using the results of the survey.

This draft was commented on by Dan Laffoley (Marine ViceChair) and WCPA Marine members, and then a revised draft (October 2010) was circulated to WCPA members for wider input. In addition, the draft guidelines were field-tested in the Maldives
and South Korea.

Subsequent comments from reviewers, as well as the results of the field-testing, were then considered in producing this final version of the supplementary guidelines.

The primary purpose of these supplementary guidelines is to increase the accuracy and consistency of assignment and reporting of the IUCN categories when applied to marine and coastal protected areas.

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