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Green Consumption & Production: What is Green Consumption & Production?

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This webinar introduces key SCP concepts.

Dr. Bovarnick then explores production practices, their impacts, and the intervention strategies that can be used to promote SCP. Examples focus on agricultural commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, coffee, soy and beef, which have a vast global impact socially, economically and environmentally. The practices used by farmers, and the prices paid by consumers down the supply chain, have a major impact on land under production. Ecosystems are also impacted by the expansion of production, as are the household livelihoods of those farmers producing the commodities. Dr. Bovarnick focuses on how to achieve change at scale by looking at national reform as well as farm-level changes. He also explores the respective roles of national governments and the private sector in supporting these changes and discusses the challenges of creating the public-private partnerships that are needed to achieve them. Finally, the webinar introduces some of UNDP’s major efforts to support SCP. After listening to this webinar, the next time you take a sip of coffee, we hope you will think about where it came from, who grew the coffee, how much income that farmer made last year, and whether that coffee contributed to climate change through forest loss.

Andrew Bovarnick, Zuzana Tolirianová, James Leslie
Date Conducted: 
31 May 2017
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