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FAO's Technical Guidance Document: Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity into Agricultural Production and Management in East Africa

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This guidance document has been produced to assist east African countries in finding synergies between two important realms of international agreements: chemicals management and conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. It is designed for use by countries in revising any of their strategies or policies related to these two realms, but in particular in revising or implementing their NBSAPs, to help countries attain a number of relevant Aichi Biodiversity Targets. It indicates where important synergies can be harvested, but it is not meant to be prescriptive. This version is a prototype for use in Kenya as the country revises its NBSAP in 2016, but will also be of relevance to other east African countries.

Part II addresses the use and management of ecosystem services and biodiversity with a view to minimize the use of agrochemicals in agricultural production in the east Africa region. individual chapters explore the role of ecosystem services and biodiversity in relation to pest control, weed management, enhancing soil fertility, water conservation and pollination. Part II also explores the role of farmers’ knowledge and innovation in managing ecosystem services, and the integration of crops, trees and livestock in agroforestry systems for a coherent approach to conservation and management.

Part III addresses policies to promote ecosystem services in agriculture. it begins with an overview of the international context. country-level policies and legislation in Kenya are then presented. The final chapter presents a review of how ecosystem services have been addressed in NBSAPs and makes recommendations for how the considerations presented in this document can be incorporated in national policy. Lastly, the annex addresses valuation of ecosystem services, presenting a protocol that can be used to provide evidence-based arguments for investing in ecosystem services, to policy and decision-makers.

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