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Elearning course in Russian "Including Ecosystem Services in NBSAPs"

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UNEP-WCMC has made available in Russian its e-learning course "Including Ecosystem Services in NBSAPs"

This module is available in the NBSAP Curriculum of ConservationTraining at

The course aims to help NBSAP practitioners include ecosystem services concepts as part of the revision and implementation of their NBSAPs. It is intended to be an introduction rather than a comprehensive guide on how you go about this task.
This module aims to offer you a stimulating learning experience that will be useful if you are involved in:
1) Revising an NBSAP or sub-national biodiversity strategy and action plan.
2) Implementing an NBSAP or sub-national strategy that incudes objectives for ecosystem services.
The course consists of two lessons and will take about 1.5 hours to complete.

The translation of this course was funded by the UN Environment Project "Strengthening MEA Synergies & NBSAPs for the Pan European Region".

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