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E-poster for WPC Stream 6: Participative solution for a land tenure conflict in Serra dos Orgaos National Park, Brazil

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Authors: Cecilia Cronemberger, Ana Elisa Bacellar-Schittini, Ernesto Viveiros de Castro, Marcus Gomes and Leandro Goulart - Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade.

Serra dos Orgaos National Park, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, harbors a land tenure conflict in the Bonfim neighborhood, where about 400 people live. The conflict arose in the 80s when park’s limits were defined. The criteria used to include the area in the park was not the same as those used in neighbor farms that belonged to wealthy influent people, which were kept outside of park’s limits. Being inside of a national park has posed many restrictions to the lives of those people, because law states that parks should be free of human occupation. In 2004, the park’s consultative council was established, allowing for Bonfim's dwellers the right to access of information and the right to participation. Together, park and community came up with a proposal of redefining park limits, excluding the occupied area, thus resolving this historical conflict with justice. This participative solution is still a proposal and needs public support to be approved.

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