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E Poster for WPC Stream 6 : Examining The Effectiveness of Community Resource Management Areas in Ghana: Converging and Diverging Experiences of Participating Communities

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CREMAs present interesting cases of Community Based Natural Resource Governance systems overlapping with a complex government led natural resource governance system. In this e poster, we will share a general overview of the CREMA concept, along with specific findings from our work on the Avu Lagoon CREMA.

Avu Lagoon is situated within a larger Keta Lagoon complex (designated as a coastal Ramsar site) and currently involves 15 participating communities that have come together to govern their lands under the CREMA umbrella for a variety of reasons, among them the conservation of the rare sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekeii), a culturally significant (‘taboo’) animal that may have potential to generate eco-tourism possibilities.

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