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Communities in Action for Landscape Resilience and Sustainability: The COMDEKS Programme

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The International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI), launched during the CBD COP10 is a global platform which aims to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of activities under the Satoyama Initiative. The Partnership consists of diverse organizations committed to promoting and supporting SEPLS for the benefit of biodiversity and human well-being and since its establishment IPSI has provided a comprehensive platform for sharing knowledge and creating synergies among its networks. Covering a range of complex mosaic landscapes and aquatic systems, IPSI seeks to build on the knowledge and experiences of communities and cultures for sustainable management of ecosystem services and improved livelihoods. Furthering the IPSI’s strategic mission, the Community Development and Knowledge Management for the Satoyama Initiative Programme (COMDEKS), implemented by UNDP, represents the IPSI partners’ flagship effort to realize the goalsof the Satoyama Initiative. Supported by the Japan Biodiversity Fund, COMDEKS builds on the continued collaboration between the Government of Japan and UNDP to promote knowledge sharing and expertise, and to strengthen capacities for sustainable development toward achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

This publication has three principal purposes:
• Set out the conceptual basis of the COMDEKS Programme and explain its community-led approach to
landscape management;
• Summarize key messages gleaned from the overall Programme design and lessons learned during the
community consultation and early implementation phases in target landscapes;
• Present case studies of target landscapes and communities that set the local context, describe programme activities,
and report preliminary findings on the ground in ten countries participating in the first phase of the programme.

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