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Climate Solutions from Community Forests: Learning from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

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This book features case studies from 22 Equator Prize winners and highlights the significance of indigenous and community-managed forests to global climate and sustainable development goals. Organized around four central themes – sustainable forest livelihoods, forest-friendly agriculture, forest restoration, and forest protection – the book profiles a diverse range of initiatives undertaken by indigenous peoples and local communities to sustainably manage forest ecosystems.

Detailed analysis of the cases emphasizes the critical role of local engagement in mitigating climate change mitigation and reducing poverty through Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) and other programs. The groups profiled in the publication protect over one million hectares of forest and generate a wide array of local benefits including job creation, political empowerment, increased food security and water access, wildlife protection, and ecosystem restoration. The book draws from these initiatves to illustrate why indigenous peoples and community-managed forests will be central to achievement of global climate and sustainable development goals.

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