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CITES released on 13 August 2014 a key report to the Parties on elephant poaching and ivory smuggling

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Check out the news and read the report:

The elephant figures mentioned in the CITES' report show a upward trend in illegal elephant killing observed since the mid-2000s. The issue is complex and with far-fetching and global ramifications. But it is of significance for conservation and biodiversity planning as well, as illegal traffic in wildlife threatens the survival of already endangered species. Also, protected areas seem to be focus sites for illegal killings. Countries can do much and need support to address the issue.

In Africa, where I work, enforcement and capacity to enforce the law, is very much needed. Lasting solutions will have to be sought in the wider economic context. In other continents much can also be done to tackle the issue from a demand side.

We will be discussing this more and soon posting resources in the Forum on how to deal with it.

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