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Challenges and Opportunities in Applying a Landscape Ecology Perspective in Ecological Restoration: a Powerful Approach to Shape Neolandscapes

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What is the contribution of landscape connectivity for ecological restoration success? How does fragmentation size influence seed dispersal to sites undergoing restoration? How do the changes of the Brazilian Forest Code affect the use of restoration to improve highly-fragmented landscapes? These questions and many others highly relevant to researchers, practitioners, policy makers and other professionals dealing with the interface between landscape ecology and ecological restoration served as inspiration for developing 11 articles on this issue (this article is but one of them) included in a Special Issue of Natureza & Conservação (ISI indexed, impact factor of 1.5), organized by the guest editors Jean Paul Metzger and Pedro Brancalion, both from University of São Paulo (USP) (

These papers bring important contributions for this new interface of research and practice, including a literature review, two essays, two case studies, four methodological articles and two policy forum. They were prepared by 37 authors from six countries, providing a valuable contribution for improving restoration success through the consideration of the structure, dynamics, and functions of landscapes. This compilation of articles shows that this landscape perspective, when applied to restoration interventions, can contribute to planning more sustainable landscapes, which ally areas of economic production with biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provisioning. It has implications for Aichi Biodiversity Targets 5, 11, 12, 14, and 15 among others.

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