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CBD Technical Series No. 79: How Sectors Can Contribute to Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity

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"CBD Technical Series No. 79: How Sectors Can Contribute to Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity" was recently released. 

The importance of addressing underlying causes and reducing pressures is now reflected in the goals and targets in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, adopted in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. However, now that we are halfway through the implementation of the Strategic Plan, it has become clear that addressing the underlying causes and pressures of biodiversity remains a key concern to keep the Strategic Plan on course. To support the further implementation of the Strategic Plan this report shows first of all what key sectors can do to address the underlying drivers and pressures of biodiversity loss and contribute to its sustainable use. Secondly, this report presents actions and strategies for countries, the private sector, civil society and international organizations to support sectors to mainstream the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in their daily operations.

This study shows the potential that natural capital, biodiversity-friendly strategies and nature-based solutions offer to agriculture, forestry, fisheries and water management. It furthermore builds on the recognition that a numerous actors in sectors worldwide are starting to take action in favor of biodiversity. National governments will have to play an active role to ensure that these actions gain the necessary momentum to halt further biodiversity loss. Further implementation of this agenda will require new engagements between the biodiversity community and production sectors, as well as experimentation, sharing and learning about best practices in various regions of the world. 

This study was conducted following a request of the Executive Secretary of the CBD, Mr. Braulio Ferreira De Souza Dias, to the Dutch government, as a contribution to the fourth Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-4). Access it online here:

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