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Biodiversity Planning: An Assessment of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan

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In keeping with the mandate of UNU-IAS, the intention of the authors has been to offer analysis and policy advice to those directly responsible for reviewing the implementation of the CBD, those who will have a role in implementing a new generation of NBSAPs and those working to support countries in their efforts to stem the rate of biodiversity loss.

The project whose outcome is this report aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the preparation, content, adequacy and effectiveness of existing NBSAPs. It sought to assess the extent to which relevant objectives18 of the Strategic Plan have been achieved and to suggest priorities for supporting national implementation in the post-2010 period.

This assessment reviewed the mechanisms by which some countries seem to have developed successful and well-implemented NBSAPs while others appear to have been unable to do this. It examined the extent to which existing NBSAPs integrate biodiversity concerns into sectoral and cross-sectoral policies, including sustainable development strategies, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, and national processes to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Prip, C; Gross, T; Johnston, S; Vierros, M (2010). Biodiversity Planning: an assessment of national biodiversity strategies and action plans. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies, Yokohama, Japan

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