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Biodiversity Conservation Through Sustainable Farming and Fishing Practices in Mount Kenya

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Small Summary: The Sagana Women’s Group was formed in 1977 by a group of women who wanted to address basic issues that affect them and their families, such as housing, water supply, education and poverty alleviation. The group also wanted to engage the local community in environmental conservation activities and improve livelihoods by establishing a sustainable environmental conservation enterprise. The current project, initiated in 2003, aimed to create measurable improvements to the nearby forests and generate income for member households through the improvement and scaling up of the group’s tilapia fish farming enterprise. Through the establishment of a tree nursery and a tree-planting initiative, the group is rehabilitating degraded sections of the forest as well as helping to monitor human settlement and the extraction of timber from the forest. The group has also established additional fish ponds, in a leased section of forest, for the rearing of tilapia as a conservation enterprise, and constructed a Community Training Center to educate the local community on environmental conservation issues

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