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ADDO ELEPHANT NATIONAL PARK: From Planning to the Implementation of a Successful Conservation and Socio-Economic Model 

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To the north of the city of Port Elizabeth, in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province, lies the Addo Elephant National Park (AENP), a mosaic of landscapes defined by unique terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, spectacular scenery and deep cultural heritage. The AENP stretches across 180,000 hectares, from a semi-arid zone at its northernmost end, across the Zuurberg Mountains, southwards through the Sunday's River valler to its mouth, the east along the coast of Algoa Bay to the Bushman's River Mouth, taking in the Woody Cape sections of the coast and including the Bird Island and St Croix Island groups. The park contains an impressive representative sample of the Eastern Cape's unique mix of biodiversity, scattered across marine and coastal zones and five of South Africa's nince terrestrial biomes: thicket, forests, fynbos, nama-karoo, and Indian Ocean coastal belt. Grassland elements also occur in the area.

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