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We offer dedicated discussion forums for our members on each of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Discussion forums are also available on these topics: spatial planning, targets and indicators, gender mainstreaming, policy and legislation, the Clearing-House Mechanism, biosaftey, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sixth National Report to the CBD. These forums provides a platform to our members to work together improve their capacity to develop, implement and monitor NBSAPs and National Reports. As we work together to achieve our shared global commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), we hope these forums support you to improve your technical capacity on these topics. Join the discussion today!

Topic Replies Views Post Date
China’s National Plan on Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Biodiversity Awareness 740 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Webinar: Clarifying BioTrade and ABS - Presentation, Recording and Resources Access and benefits sharing 167 Heena Ahmed  June 18, 2018
Facilitating BioTrade in a Challenging Access and Benefit Sharing Environment - UNCTAD Access and benefits sharing 91 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Snapshot of Forests in the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions Biodiversity Awareness 63 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Conserving Forests to Combat Climate Change: What is REDD+, how was it created and where is it going? Biodiversity Awareness 55 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) Analysis: An Overview of the Forest Sector Climate Resilience 60 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Instantánea de los bosques en los previstos Aportes Determinación Nacional Biodiversity Awareness 175 Anonymous (not verified)  June 21, 2018
Forest Reference Level Submissions under REDD+ Sustainable Resource Management 53 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Message From The Executive Secretary Of The Convention On Biological Diversity, Mr. Braulio Ferreira De Souza Dias On The Occasi Biodiversity Awareness 169 Heena Ahmed  June 18, 2018
From Science to Policy 3: Forest biomass, carbon neutrality and climate change mitigation Biodiversity Mainstreaming 56 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Manual for project practitioners: Free Prior and Informed Consent: An indigenous peoples’ right and a good practice for local communities Biodiversity Awareness 63 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
A draft framework for understanding SDG interactions by International Council for Science (ICSU) Biodiversity Mainstreaming 63 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
Evaluating the impacts of conservation interventions on human wellbeing: Guidance for practitioners Biodiversity Awareness 60 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
Soutenir la résilience climatique des communautés dans et autour des aires protégées Biodiversity Mainstreaming 107 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Supporting climate resilience of communities in and around protected areas Biodiversity Mainstreaming 54 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
WEBINAR SERIES: Using Conservation Planning to Address Biosafety, BioTrade, Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Learning Opportunity 79 Heena Ahmed  February 23, 2017
The State Of Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Southern Africa: Assessing Progress and Looking Ahead Biodiversity Mainstreaming 65 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Monetary Rewards for Wildlife Whistleblowers A Breakthrough for Environmental Protection Biodiversity Awareness 65 Anonymous (not verified)  July 2, 2018
Global Whistleblowers: Rewards for Confidentially Reporting Wildlife Crime Biodiversity Awareness 53 Anonymous (not verified)  July 16, 2018
Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme now open! Learning Opportunity 77 Heena Ahmed  February 23, 2017
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