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Vulnerable Ecosystems

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Aichi Biodiversity Target Ten – Vulnerable ecosystems – focuses on reducing pressures on ecosystems that are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, in order to improve resilience and enable adaptation of these systems. It states: By 2015, the multiple anthropogenic pressures on coral reefs, and other vulnerable ecosystems impacted by climate change or ocean acidification, are minimized, so as to maintain their integrity and functioning. 

Reducing anthropogenic pressures on vulnerable ecosystems that are disproportionately affected by climate change will strengthen the resilience of these ecosystems, and provide more opportunities for them to adapt to climate-related impacts. Ecosystems vulnerable to climate change impacts include coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands, Mediterranean forests, temperate grasslands, montane grasslands and forests, tropical forests, boreal forests, islands, peatlands and polar ecosystems, among others. To reduce pressures on vulnerable ecosystems, countries will need to identify which ecosystems are most vulnerable to climate change impacts and to anthropogenic pressures and identify and reduce the multiple threats that undermine ecological integrity and functioning, including pollution, fragmentation, invasive species and unsustainable harvesting. They will also need to develop and implement plans for strengthening ecosystem-wide resilience, including increasing protection of healthy, well-disbursed examples of the ecosystem and improving connectivity. 

Target 10 indicators may include status and trends in: 

  • The distribution and condition of vulnerable ecosystems
  • The levels of threat and protection of those ecosystems

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