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Status of Target 11

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Status of Target 11

Meaning of the indicators used for accessing the status of Target 11 in GBO 4? The green indicates quantitative global targets of 17% terrestrial and 10% marine. The three yellow are management effectiveness, ecological representation and integration into wider land- and seascapes. Green indicates that the element is on track and with continued efforts this aspect of the target will be achieved by the target date of 2020; yellow means there is progress but it is not sufficient to achieve this aspect of the target. What is the status of target 11 at global level? _ Regarding’ quantitative aspects’ - 15.4% of terrestrial and 8.4% of marine (within national jurisdiction-200 nautical miles) is under protection. _ Regarding ‘ecological representation’ - 650 terrestrial and 150 marine ecological regions have more than 10% protection each. _ Regarding ‘areas important for biodiversity’ about 250 Alliance Zero Extiction sites and 700 important bird areas are under protection. _ Regarding ‘effective management’ about 30% of worlds protected areas have effective management What is needed for achieving the Target 11 at global level by 2020? _ Regarding’ quantitative aspects’ -1.6% or 2.2 million KM2 of terrestrial and marine areas are needed to be protected. _ Regarding ‘ecological representation’- in about 200 terrestrial ecological regions and in 100 marine ecological regions the existing protection status has to be improved to reach 10% protection of that ecological region at global level. _ Regarding ‘areas important for biodiversity’ at minimum level - 250 AZE areas and 200 Important Bird Areas in Danger need to be brought under protection. _ Regarding ‘effective management’ at least another 30% of Pas have to be brought under effectively managed category. Implementation of those actions in next five and half years, they would not only contribute to achieving Target 11 also but would contribute to biodiversity main-streaming in other sectors and Targets 5 , 9 12 ; 13 14 and 15

1 July, 2015 - 19:21