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Science and research

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Aichi Biodiversity Target Nineteen – Science and Research – focuses on improving, sharing and applying scientific knowledge and research. The full text for Aichi Biodiversity Target 19 states: By 2020, knowledge, the science base and technologies relating to biodiversity, its values, functioning, status and trends, and the consequences of its loss, are improved, widely shared and transferred, and applied. 

All countries require scientifically sound data in order to develop and implement their NBSAPs. They also require an understanding of the ecological, social and economic consequences of the loss of biodiversity and the impairment of ecosystems. This requires not only sound data, but also effective systems that help policy makers translate data into information for better decision-making. In order to achieve Target 19, countries will need to assess the status and trends of biodiversity and ecosystems, assess the social, economic and ecological consequences of biodiversity loss and ecosystem impairment, and take steps to strengthen both the underlying data as well as data management systems for decision making. 

Indicators of science and research may include the extent to which national data and information systems capture the status and trends of: 

  • The distribution and condition of key biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services
  • Levels of threats, sustainable use, protection and restoration of key biodiversity and ecosystems

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