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Webinar: Whistleblowers on Ilegal Wildlife Trade

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Webinar: Whistleblowers on Ilegal Wildlife Trade

This 17 November at 9:00AM EST, the NBSAP Forum is hosting a webinar on Whistleblowers on Ilegal Wildlife Trade.

There is a strong global movement to combat wildlife trafficking and protect endangered species from overexploitation and, ultimately, extinction. Aichi Biodiversity Target 12 focuses on preventing the extinction of known threatened species and improving their conservation status. Whistleblowers play a key role as the most important source of information regarding fraud. This webinar will explore how whistleblowers around the world can report wildlife crime and receive monetary awards under two legal instruments, the Lacey and Endangered Species Acts, that support the provision of monetary incentives to persons who disclose information about wildlife crimes.

The success of these laws has been profound, strengthening the ability of the government to detect and prosecute crime. In total, whistleblower rewards laws have resulted in over $50 billion in fines and penalties and over $3.5 billion in compensation to whistleblowers.

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