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Webinar: Clarifying BioTrade and ABS - Presentation, Recording and Resources

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Webinar: Clarifying BioTrade and ABS - Presentation, Recording and Resources

On 18 October 2016, the NBSAP Forum hosted the first of two webinars on 'Using Conservation Planning to Address Biosafety and Access to Genetic Resources'. In this session, led by Dr. Balakrishna Pisupati (UNEP) and Mr. David Vivas (UNCTAD), the participants had the opportunity to hear and discuss on BioTrade and ABS and how to develop national ABS frameworks. This webinar provided clarity on how bioresource trade is different from the commercial use of genetic resources, with a focus on conservation and sustainable resource management planning. You can watch the session here: Attached to this thread you will be able to download a copy of the presentation in PDF format. Some resources suggested by the speakers include: - Facilitating BioTrade In A Challenging Access And Benefit Sharing Environment - UNCTAD - - (Meeting) Peer review on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, and its Impact over Certain Aspects of BioTrade - - (Meeting) Explorando la relación entre la implementación del Protocolo de Nagoya, el Acceso y Participación de Beneficios y el BioComercio - - (Meeting) Addressing the intersection between the Nagoya Protocol, access and benefit sharing rules, and BioTrade - Don't forget to visit our community about Access and Benefit Sharing at NBSAP Forum -, where you can find resources and information related to this topic. Feel free to comment, ask or share!