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Upcoming Webinar: IUCN Green List and Marine Protected Areas

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Upcoming Webinar: IUCN Green List and Marine Protected Areas

Mark your calendars for this free webinar: "IUCN Green List and Marine Protected Areas" on Thursday, May 14, 2015 from1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM UTC).

James Hardcastle, IUCN Programme Development Manager, will speak on the IUCN Green List, which is a new and progressive initiative that encourages and celebrates the success of protected areas, both terrestrial and marine, that reach excellent standards of management. This webinar will discuss the origins and implementation of the IUCN Green List including standards that protected areas must meet to be listed and how marine and coastal sites are engaging in the process. Learn more at

Protected areas that are well-managed fulfill their promise of conserving biodiversity and essential ecosystem services that benefit everyone and sustain life on earth. For protected area managers or agencies, the IUCN Green List will provide direct and indirect benefits from listing including: 1) International recognition for the listed areas and their management authorities for the high quality of management; 2) Political and financial support for areas that achieve listing, or to address issues that will facilitate listing of new areas; 3) Motivation of protected area managers and their agencies to meet and maintain high standards of management; 4) Opportunities for listed areas and their agencies to receive financial and project support; 5) Recognition by the tourism industry and visitors that the area will offer a quality visitor experience; 6) Acknowledgement by communities and stakeholders that the area addresses issues of involvement and benefit sharing; and 7) Further motivation to establish routine methods for measuring management effectiveness.

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