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SGA Network webinar: Are Cultural Ecosystem Services Key to Sustainability?

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SGA Network webinar: Are Cultural Ecosystem Services Key to Sustainability?

Please join the SGA Network Secretariat and Prof. Kai Chan (University of British Columbia) for the 1st webinar of 2016:‘Are Cultural Ecosystem Services Key to Sustainability?’

‘Cultural ecosystem services’ (CES), long seen as the black sheep among the major classes of ecosystem services, have been gathering great momentum as a topic of study. Yet even still, CES are frequently seen as being of secondary importance in environmental protection efforts. Kai will argue that instead that CES are an essential focus for sustainability and environmental protection, both because CES are crucial contributors to human well-being and because they are key to sustainable human-ecological relationships. This webinar will review the history of research and thinking on CES and considers what such research might imply for the management of ecosystems and of the human-ecological relationships that are key to CES and to future trajectories for humanity on Earth. In light of competing notions of weak and strong sustainability, Kai will advance several propositions regarding appropriate management for CES and so all ES. Overall CES can be seen as a newly recognized kind of human-natural capital, and as capital-producing: not only do positive experiences and attachment with nature yield both well-being and key capacities, they also yield the stewardship attitudes and identities that may be fundamental to local and global sustainability.

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10 February, 2016 - 11:38