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Protected Area System: Management & Design E-course - Week 1 Webinars

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Protected Area System: Management & Design E-course - Week 1 Webinars

The Protected Area Systems: Management and Design e-course runs from 1 June - 26 July, 2016. It is co-hosted by UNDP, the SCBD, IFDD and PRCM. During the first week, participants explored the status of biodiversity and of protected areas in their respective countries, and the status of protected areas globally, with the help of WCMC. The e-course also explored the relationship between protected areas and the Sustainable Development Goals, both globally and nationally. A large number of participants contributed to the course - with more than 385 posts and more than 265 homework assignments in the first week! Together, this information provides a rich picture of the trends within countries, and the contributions of protected areas to SDGs. It was observed that a number of countries face similar weaknesses: Inadequate law enforcement, insufficient staffing, inadequate data for planning and monitoring. They also face similar threats: invasive species, encroachment and degazettement, fire, pollution and conversion for agriculture, among others. Some positive trends around the world, included improved legal frameworks, more emphasis on mainstreaming sectors with protected areas, increased training for rangers, and more regional approaches to conservation. It was also observed that protected areas can be a major contributor to sustainable development, by contributing to food security, water security, livelihoods, and disaster risk reduction, among other goals. We hope you were able to join us on 1 June for the Week One webinars. If you missed, click below to view the recorded webinars: English: Spanish: French: Presentations made during the live webinars can be accessed here: English: French: Spanish: Registration for the e-course & live webinars is still open! Click here to register:

10 June, 2016 - 07:22