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Free online webinar on landscape planning in theory and practice

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Free online webinar on landscape planning in theory and practice

You are warmly invited to attend a free webinar, taking place on the 18th May 2016 from 14:00 (GMT).

This is one of two free webinars (the first will be held on 18th May 2016). The aim of this webinar is to support the application of a landscapes approach to decision-making and development planning. It will last approximately one hour, and consist of a presentation followed by a question and answer session. They will be run in English, and will be recorded and made available online.

Below is a summary of the webinar and a link for registration.
Please feel free to circulate this email to interested colleagues and relevant networks.

Date: 25th May 2015
Time: 14:00 GMT
Presenter: Dr. Louise Willemen, ITC-University of Twente, the Netherlands
Title: Landscape planning in theory and practice

Summary: Landscapes provide a multitude of benefits, or ecosystem services, and are managed for multitude of planning objectives. During this webinar Dr Louise Willemen (ITC-University of Twente, the Netherlands) will give an overview of the state-of-knowledge on landscape planning & decision making. After describing key theoretical concepts and frameworks of landscapes and decision making (What?), Louise will share practical steps to support the implementation of a collaborative landscape planning process, with a special focus on the role of maps in this (How?). These practical steps will include: setting up a collaborative planning team, suggestions for spatial information sources, exercises on ‘spatial literacy’, and a check-list for landscape planning actions. The steps are described in the user’s guide “The Spatial Planning and Monitoring Guide: Maps to Link People with their Landscapes”, which was designed by Louise for EcoAgriculture Partners and Cornell University, to stimulate the use of maps in cross-sectoral collaborations to locate, design and monitor interventions in rural landscapes in developing countries.

To Register:

25 April, 2016 - 15:46