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Invitation to Workshop at the CBD COP in Cancun on Subnational Implementation of NBSAPs (Guidelines)

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Invitation to Workshop at the CBD COP in Cancun on Subnational Implementation of NBSAPs (Guidelines)

All 195 parties of the CBD have committed to developing NBSAPs. As cities and subnational governments are increasingly recognised for their pivotal role in implementing NBSAPs at the specific subnational level, mechanisms for mainstreaming their contributions is essential.
Guidelines are being developed to support Parties of the CBD, and their subnational and local governments, in the implementation of NBSAPs and subnational and local BSAPs. Effective subnational and local implementation of the NBSAPs depends on two interconnected elements: The capacity of each level of government to develop, execute and monitor their own BSAPs or related instruments that mainstream biodiversity into their wider objective and cover the obligations of an NBSAP; and the coordination mechanisms between these levels, including synergies across levels of government in planning BSAPs
ICLEI and the CBD are running a workshop on these Guidelines on how to make best use of subnational government knowledge in compiling NBSAPs. The Guidelines also address how to implement NBSAPs at the subnational level. Stakeholders working with BSAPs (national, subnational and local) are invited to participate in the workshop, sharing technical and city experience.

The objective of the workshop is to unpack the Guidelines and develop them further through a participatory process. Furthermore, the workshop presents a unique platform for engagement and knowledge sharing as well as cooperation and collaboration between Parties, subnational and local governments.

•A growing global network of local, regional & national governments committed to driving local action for biodiversity
•A better common understanding of the potential to upscale local action through NBSAP processes
•Framing of NBSAP guidelines to realise subnational implementation of global targets & commitments
•Showcase national & localized examples of policy & action integration between national & local levels for achieving Aichi targets

8 December, 2016 - 03:32