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Resilience and Ecosystem Based Adaptaiton

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Resilience and Ecosystem Based Adaptaiton

Resilience is a theme that UNDP has embraced head on in its support to client countries. It is deeply linked to people's ability to recover from shock and crisis, but also other impacts, such as climate change. A sub-explored theme herein is ecosystem-based adaptation - or EBA. It builds on the idea that communities are more resilient, if their environment if ecosystems have the conditions necessary to render ecosystem services that are essential people's livelihoods. By counteracting ecosystem degrading tendencies, including those caused by climate change, we are expanding people's livelihoods options and their ability to resist the worse climatic impacts. UNDP has recently submitted a series of projects to the GEF managed adaptation funds that either bear an EBA component or that builds the main response strategy to climate challenges on EBA. A recent EBA project within the latter category is "Adapting natural resource dependent livelihoods to climate induced risks in selected landscapes in Burkina Faso: the Boucle du Mouhoun Forest Corridor and the Mare d’Oursi Wetlands Basin" Check out the project description in the attached and link: