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Webinar Recordings

The NBSAP Forum offers free webinars with renowned experts on diverse topics related to implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and achievement of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Our webinars are designed to provide biodiversity practitioners with the knowledge, information, tools and resources they need to develop and implement NBSAPs and National Reports. Each 60- to 90-minute session provides participants with an opportunity to increase their knowledge, interact with experts, and share experiences with other participants. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about upcoming webinars. Entry is free with your membership and grants you one-on-one access to global thought leaders on trending topics. Each webinar is recorded and can be accessed here. We look forward to learning with you!

Introduces the scientific and management principles of connectivity conservation and explains its benefits.

Article Six of the CBD requires Parties to develop NBASPS, or equivalent national plans, that translate the goals of the CBD.

Provides a broad introduction to the concept of protected area governance.

Aichi Biodiversity Target 12 focuses on preventing the extinction of threatened species and improving their conservation status.

Focuses on using Access and Benefit Sharing as an innovative financing mechanism at national level.

Highlights methods and approaches for integrated implementation measures related to the Cartagena Protocol and the CBD.

Provides clarity on how biotrade is different from the commercial use of genetic resources.

Explores using social marketing and pride campaigns to exceed Aichi Biodiversity Target One.