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Webinar Recordings

The NBSAP Forum offers free webinars with renowned experts on diverse topics related to implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and achievement of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Our webinars are designed to provide biodiversity practitioners with the knowledge, information, tools and resources they need to develop and implement NBSAPs and National Reports. Each 60- to 90-minute session provides participants with an opportunity to increase their knowledge, interact with experts, and share experiences with other participants. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about upcoming webinars. Entry is free with your membership and grants you one-on-one access to global thought leaders on trending topics. Each webinar is recorded and can be accessed here. We look forward to learning with you!

Explora las herramientas que están disponibles para evaluar la resiliencia.

Explore les outils disponibles pour évaluer la résilience.

Comment pouvons nous bien vivre sans épuiser la planete ?

Dear participants of the Introduction to Resilience for Development MOOC, 


Explores how scientists view our Earth as a system, what that means for global change processes and our capacity to intervene in them, and the distinction between hitting limits and respecting boundaries. The speakers respond to pressing questions: How do we deal with urgent environmental issues? How do we deal with social differences? How do we deal with different value systems?

Explora cómo los científicos ven nuestra Tierra como un sistema, lo que eso significa para los procesos de cambio global y nuestra capacidad para intervenir en ellos, y la distinción entre alcanzar límites y respetar los límites. Los oradores responden a preguntas apremiantes: ¿cómo manejamos los problemas ambientales urgentes? ¿Cómo lidiamos con las diferencias sociales? ¿Cómo manejamos los diferentes sistemas de valores?

Explique comment les scientifiques considèrent notre Terre comme un système, ce que cela signifie pour les processus de changement global et notre capacité à intervenir en eux, et la distinction entre frapper des limites et respecter les frontières. Les intervenants répondent à des questions pressantes: comment gérer les problèmes environnementaux urgents? Comment traitons-nous les différences sociales? Comment traitons-nous différents systèmes de valeurs?


Explores tools and strategies to understand and act upon the effects of mining on human rights, including the right to a safe and healthy environment of different groups in society, across time, and across different localities. We introduce the ecosystem services framework and explain how it can be used to enhance public decision-making and strengthen Environmental Impact Assessment procedures. The webinar also focuses on the environmental licensing functions and tasks of government institutions at the national and regional level.