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Introductory Course to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)

eLearning Topic: 
National Biodiversity Strategies and Actions Plans Curriculum

International travel and trade are greater than ever before. As people & commodities move around the world, organisms that present risks to plants travel with them.This course introduces you to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), an international plant health agreement that aims to protect cultivated and wild plants by preventing the introduction and spread of pests. It will take you around 2 hours to complete the course, excluding additional training materials. You are required to answer at least 80 per cent of the assessment questions correctly in order to obtain a course certificate. 

Note on Partners: The InforMEA Initiative brings together Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) to develop harmonized and interoperable information systems for the benefit of Parties and the environment community at large. It is facilitated by UN Environment and financially supported by the European Union. This course was developed in cooperation with the Internaitonal Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). 


InfoMEA facilitated by UN Environment - European Union - International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)