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Draft Biodiversity Status Maps for Your 6NR – Vanuatu

At the beginning of the 6NR process, we challenged Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to double the number of maps used from your 5NR to your 6NR. Are you on track to meet this challenge? We have exciting news for you!  Using the UN Biodiversity Lab, and the global datasets available within it, we created 18 draft biodiversity status maps for your country.


This document presents a NAMA on Rural Electrification in Vanuatu through electrification with Renewable Energies. It is designed to support Vanuatu in achieving its strategies relevant to access to energy including rural development and to complement the country’s on-going activities in this respect.

Equator Initiative Case Study - Nguna-Pele Marine and Land Protected Area Network

This network of marine and terrestrial protected areas spanning the Vanuatu islands of Nguna and Pele has brought together local, national and international actors in a diverse partnership for the conservation of the area’s unique biodiversity. The network comprises sixteen indigenous communities engaged in the conservation of more than 3,000 hectares of marine and terrestrial resources.

Equator Initiative Case Study - Amal-Crab Bay Community Resource Management Initiative

The successes of the Amal-Crab Bay initiative in conserving marine resources in their tabu area, located on the eastern coastline of the island of Malekula, Vanuatu, has been underpinned by the use of a traditional resource management system and innovative awareness-raising efforts. The bay forms part of the Port Stanley mangrove area, and is home to extensive fringing reefs, sea grass beds, and a high abundance of crabs.

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