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Producing Bird-Friendly Beef Across The South American Grasslands

Many migratory birds begin their odyssey in the North American prairies, ending in the wintering sites of the Pampas grasslands. Also called the ‘Southern Cone’, these grasslands naturally extend across the entire territory of Uruguay, and parts of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Despite being of global importance for biodiversity, around 60% of their area has been replaced with other land uses.

State of Paraguay's Birds

Situated at the convergence of six major ecoregions, Paraguay has a rich biodiversity that includes over 700 bird species. Unfortunately, as revealed in State of Paraguay’s birds (published by Guyra Paraguay), there has been a steady and continuous deterioration in the status of the country’s avifauna—with 17% of species now at risk of disappearing from Paraguay altogether. The report not only outlines the reasons for these declines, but also the actions needed to reverse them including a range of innovative and far-reaching conservation initiatives developed by Guyra Paraguay.

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