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Joto Afrika Special Issue 14: Community based adaptation to climate change strengthens pastoralist’ resilience

Adaptation has always been a feature of pastoral communities; however climate change is bringing additional change to livelihoods in arid lands. This edition of Joto Afrika includes a series of articles from Niger, Kenya and Ethiopia demonstrating how improvements in technology and access to markets and services, along with the use of climate information, are providing great opportunities to increase resilience of pastoral populations.

Equator Initiative Case Study - Instrument of Peace School

The village of Saga, located south of Niamey on the banks of the Niger River, was the initial setting for an innovative experiment in converting a troublesome invasive species in the river basin into an economic opportunity for the local community. Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) has clogged local irrigation systems, limited navigability of the river, restricted access to local markets, and decreased the viability of the local economy, as well as severely impacting ecosystem health and water quality.

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