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Curso Manejo AAPP U Estatal De Colorado 2018

2018 Short Course Guide / Guía de Cursos Cortos 2018
XXVIII Curso Internacional de Manejo de Áreas Protegidas (dado en español)

3 de julio al 4 de agosto, 2018

Protected Areas

Estimating tourism’s contribution to conservation area financing in Mozambique

Financial sustainability of conservation areas is one of the cornerstones for enabling effective conservation management. However, the current status of conservation area funding is widely detached from the need, and this disparity is intensified in developing countries. Therefore, identifying and valuing the revenue streams and finance needs of conservation areas is an important step in the process to become financial sustainable. This paper assesses the revenue potential of conservation areas in Mozambique national parks and reserves.

Mozambique leverages a $1.5M GEF investment into $17 million donation to BIOFUND

BIOFUND, a non-profit private foundation, was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting the conservation of Mozambique's aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, including the consolidation of the national system of protected areas.

Embed Tailored And Fully Consulted Mitigation Measures Into A Project’s EMP That Accurately Reflect Due Consideration Of Potential PA Impacts

To address the emerging shortage of bulk water supply to Maputo and surrounding areas, the project handled the protected area concern by including a number of project implementation measures in the EMP to mitigate the potential adverse impacts on the protected area, including: an inundation preparation plan, reservoir management program, environmental water release regime, anti-poaching measures and environmental monitoring plan.

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