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Lao People's Democratic Republic

Status and conservation vistas of dhole and rare canids in Indochina

There is a lack of knowledge about dholes (Cuon alpinus) ecology and conservation status in the vast wilderness of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Research and conservation project of Cuon alpinus in one of these areas would be great, but the choice is yours.

Species and Extinctions

Draft Biodiversity Status Maps for Your 6NR – Laos

At the beginning of the 6NR process, we challenged Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to double the number of maps used from your 5NR to your 6NR. Are you on track to meet this challenge? We have exciting news for you!  Using the UN Biodiversity Lab, and the global datasets available within it, we created 18 draft biodiversity status maps for your country.

Equator Initiative Case Study - Nam Ha Ecotourism Project

Located in the remote northern province of Luang Namtha on Lao PDR’s border with China, the 222,400-hectare Nam Ha National Protected Area includes some of the country’s most significant wilderness areas. Altitudes range from river valleys and plains to northern highland peaks, supporting a broad range of habitats and biodiversity.

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