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Cartes sur l'état de la biodiversité disponibles pour votre 6RN – Benin

Au début du processus des 6RN, nous vous avons demandé aux Parties à la Convention sur la diversité biologique de doubler le nombre de cartes utilisées de votre 5RN à votre 6RN. Êtes-vous sur la bonne voie pour relever ce défi ? Nous avons de bonnes nouvelles pour vous ! À l'aide du UN Biodiversity Lab et des jeux de données mondiaux disponibles, nous avons créé 18 cartes sur l'état de la biodiversité pour votre pays. Les données contenues dans ces cartes peuvent vous aider à générer des rapports sur les indicateurs clés liés aux ABT 5, 11, 12, 14 et 15.

Conservation Of Benin’s Sacred Forests: Legal Protection For Ecologically And Religiously Significant Areas

The ongoing project “Incorporation of Sacred Forests into the Protected Areas System of Benin,” supported by UNDP and financed by GEF, preserves tracts of forest with religious and ecological significance in Benin. These sacred forests are at high risk, and the recent addition of Sacred Forest as a category of Benin’s protected areas legislation paves the way for greater protection of the forests included in the project scope as well as other forests around the country.

Equator Initiative Case Study – Community Nature Reserve Development Network (REDERC)

The Community Nature Reserve Development Network (REDERC) originated in the community of Papatia, which established the Botanical Garden of Papatia in response to rapid depletion of local natural resources. The organization unites traditional healers, beekeepers, farmers, women’s groups, and students, from different ethnic groups, to protect the region’s biodiversity and natural resources as the basis of sustainable development. Activities focus on creating community and school protected area, over 20 of which have been established to date.

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